Gmail adds newly developed features to its list which are worth experiencing

Google is another name for Innovation, as Google has tried its hands on varied innovative areas. Tech Giant is the apt title given to Google as it never fails to surprise us with its innovative ventures. Last April Google had brought in a lot of changes to Gmail as well. Right from changing and innovating the design, Google has ensured to add new features too thereby making Gmail even more effective. Recently there have been some major additions as well wherein some newly developed features have been added to make Gmail work at a better pace.

Undo and Redo will now become possible on Gmail, as these are some of the newly added features. These features have been added in the taskbar of the compose window in the very beginning of the taskbar in between the font type and font size options. The addition of these two features has pumped up the Gmail performance as the need of Undo and Redo has been felt by each and every user sometime or the other and now when it has been added it surely will give lot of convenience in typing the email copies.

Undo button will enable the users to restore the content before any sort of changes and Redo button will help to reverse the changes. The people who are not fond of using keyboard shortcut keys or the mouse shortcuts, for them Undo and Redo options will be considered to be the biggest blessing. Strikethrough is another feature that has been added in the set of newly added features in Gmail. Strikethrough feature is a visual cue of stating that something has been completed and it can also be used as an edit suggestion.

Gmail will now enable you download the messages in EML format when you wish to download Gmail clients with the purpose of using it offline accompanied with some formatting and multimedia files. Through this you will be able to view the Gmail content and also the attachments if any included. This function will also allow users to add these downloaded messages as attachments in their emails.

All the newly developed features will be active in Gmail for use for all the users. GSuite users are able to see the changes for now, if you are one of those who are not able to view the changes then you might have to wait for 2-3 days as then Google will make sure to make it available on your screens too. These features are applicable only for web client and cannot be used on Android and iOS phones.

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