LG will unveil its newly develop high tech smartphone at MWC 2019

LG is a well known brand offering various electronic items. Initiating with refrigerators, televisions LG turned out to be a well known brand of Indian Market particularly for the refrigerator. LG has always been a symbol of trust as it offers quality products in the market. LG has explored the opportunities in other field too by introducing various other products in the market. LG has recently tried its hands on developing a smartphone. Not many details have been revealed in regards to the phone.

LG has organised an event on 24th February, 2019 at MWC wherein they are going to launch a teaser video introducing the newly developed gesture control system. LG has also given a confirmation that they will soon be launching a high end smartphone that is featured and will be supporting 5G connectivity and is also expected t be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 SoC. The phone will be instilled with a 4,000mAh battery additionally is also expected to feature a vapour chamber cooling system.

Though LG has now revealed many details of the phone in the market yet, LG will be revealing the details of the 5G Smartphone at MWC 2019. LG was expected to launch the phone details of their newly developed 5G smartphone in last year August. However, then they got in a partnership with US carrier Sprint and decided to launch the phone in 2019 first half. LG later on announced that that they will soon be launching 5G smartphone which has been optimised to work on Sprint’s 5G networks.

Not only this but also, LG is expected to work on European Operators apart from 5G technology and also Sprint. LG has been equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 SoC which is considered to be the best performer and also boosts the overall performance. All these features of the phone altogether will enable the users gain a better experience especially when they will play various high resolution games or will run different apps simultaneously.

LG’s smartphone is surely going to hit the market soon as it has got some amazing features installed in it. One of those is vapour chamber cooling system, this is one of those features that has created much hype of the phone in the market and has risen the curiosity of people to experience LG 5G smartphone. This feature will enable efficient thermal management of the phone.

The vapour chamber in this phone is considered to be 2.7 times more effective for heat dissipation than the heat pipe which was considered in previous phone of LG which was V40 ThinQ. The high thermal conductivity of the copper which has been a major element in making the chamber has proven to be effective enough in managing the temperature of the phone. This phone has also focused much on the battery considering which it has ensured to work on optimisation of the software and the apps, considering which the draining of the battery will be minimal.

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