One Plus 7 image and features leaked!

Planning to buy a phone? Contemplating on which phone to buy? Relax, I have something to share with you. The new and the latest model of One Plus 7 has been leaked and its features truly makes the phone worth a buy. One Plus has as it is been on a hype since long. Many users have been seen to like One Plus phones which have led to a positive increase in the demand of One Plus phones. Reasonable cost with high quality features is what we often get to see in all the models of One Plus.

With increasing demand of the phones the company is as it is seen to launch various models in the past year. In each of the model we have experienced some or the other new feature added to the bucket of their general features. Innovation has always been a sure element for One Plus. Innovation enables them to come up with some extremely new features in the market which then helps them to create demand for their respective phones in the market. People get excited for One Plus phones even before the phones are launched.

That excitement has spread across the market at present as One Plus is soon coming up with its uniquely designed new model, images and information of which has been leaked in the market by some sources. Recently the company has launched a very new model named as OnePlus 7 with some amazing features.

This phone is expected to possess a edge-to-edge bezel-less screen without the camera cut-out or screen holes. As per the leaked out information and images, the screen of the phone will not be having bezel and not even the notches. This phone might as well come up with a pop up camera or even a camera which will be a sliding one. Other features which are expected to be there in the phone are Snapdragon 855, 5G device. The phone will have a slide out mechanism so as to enable accuracy in the setting of front camera and this will also aid in setting the pop-up setup. Universal Flash Storage 3.0 version is expected to be implemented in OnePlus phone.

Inspired by these features, the Chinese Smartphone maker is planning to include these features in their next device too. UFS – Universal Flash Storage works efficiently for high performance interface designed with the motive of being used particularly for those applications for which the power consumption needs to be minimised. UFS also is useful for speed transfer of high data additionally it increases the reliability of flash memory storage.

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