Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro giving a touch competition to Apple Airpods

Technology has been a great leveler last year, with time one thing that has never upset anyone of us is the revolution and innovation brought in the technology by various players in the market. Talking about the last year in particular, one of the biggest revolutions that technology has witnessed is the Airdots. Apple introduced Airdots for iPhones and the market was amazed at such an innovative product. There was a big hype in the market and people were all excited to own it and experience the small piece of Airdots. With such a revolutionary movement, even other companies got inspired and introduced similar products to cater to the needs of those people who couldn’t afford Apple.

Xiaomi is one such company who introduced MI Airdots. The MI Airdots Pro earbuds by Xiaomi a Chinese company is quite reasonable. The appearance of the airbuds is almost similar to the Apple AirDots, the only thing that differentiates MI Airdots from Apple Airdots is the pricing factor which is almost half of it. Bluetooth earplugs cost us much, but Xiaomi has focused on the low-end market and have introduced MI Airdots at a very less price especially for those who wish to have Airpods but without spending much on it.

The estimated price of Xiaomi MI Airdots Pro is said to be around 4000/-. Color options of Airdots will be only white. The features of Airdots Pro are going to be almost the same as that of Apple Airpods. Mi Airpods is featured with touch controls which are being used for controlling music, calls and also activating other voice assistants. The other best feature of this Airpod is that it has got its own independence which enables the user to use even a single earbud instead of both the earbuds. As per Xiaomi prediction and claims, earbuds have got the capacity of being operated for 10 hours without charging even once.

In regards to charging, Mi AirDots Pro takes less than an hour for charging to the full of its capacity. These earbuds are even water resistant and also have got the facility of noise cancellations. It supports Bluetooth v4.2 support. These earbuds will turn off automatically as soon as you take it off the ear. It will be kept on standby automatically for more than 30 minutes. AirDots Pro has got 77mm neodymium iron boron magnetic accompanied with titanium plated diaphragm dynamic ring speaker unit. They just weigh 5.8 grams. These earbuds will support USB Type-C charger and also AAC codec.

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