Whatsapp strengthens its security element by introducing fingerprint authentication for using the app

Technology in the 21st Century is setting high standards in the market. Everything around us is getting simpler and easier when compared to previous times. Technology has brought many transformations in today’s world. Long processes are getting shorter day by day.

During those old times when we had a small gadget in our hands named as phones which was only limited to the use of just calling and messaging, did we ever wonder that we might as well encounter something like a smartphone? And the phone with fingerprint was something that fascinated so many of us. Well, get ready one more technological revolution because Whatsapp is soon introducing fingerprint access in the app.

This is not a rumor at all, but this is happening very soon. Whatsapp has been working on a host of new features for both Android and iOS users too. After the launch of the dark mode in whastapp, fingerprint authentication is going to be the next best thing in the market. This whatsapp authentication is expected to add more security to the messaging application.

Whatsapp beta version for Android 2.19.3 has been launched by the application. In the version, a new authentication feature was being observed. Whatsapp is even working on the Face ID and Touch ID integration particularly for iOS but is yet to be released as it is still under development process.

After the addition of the new feature, a separate section will be added in Whatsapp which will allow the user to undergo Fingerprint authentication feature. This will strengthen the security of whatsapp users as they will have to authenticate every time they wish to use the app. Fingerprint sometimes doesn’t work well, right? Well, whatsapp has a solution for this too. At times when your fingerprint authentication is not working well, you can then use the credentials of your phone to unlock whatsapp and use the app. This feature will take a little more time to hit the market as for now it is still in the alpha stage of development and will be soon out for use.

Not only this, Whatsapp has something even more exciting, it will soon come up with an improvised audio picker which will enable users to preview the audio files before sharing it with the concerned person. A new preview tray will now be added in the whatsapp which will enable you to look through all the audio files, additionally, whatsapp will now allow you to send altogether 30 files at the same time.
There is something else for iOS users. Whatsapp has come up with some persona content stickers on images for all iOS users. Also, they will get to experience 3D touch action for status, group sticker management and many such attributes will be added soon. These features are accessible on the beta version of Whatsapp which is

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