2019 is going to gift you with various value addition features of Whatsapp

Whatsapp has now become a core of almost all the humans on planet Earth. Whatsapp has been on trend since the day it has been launched and not forgetting the best part of Whatsapp is that it is being used by the people of all age groups – the young, the adults and the old too. It is quite easy to use and is also user-friendly. It has been by so far the best messenger app since its inception.

Whatsapp has never been boring as it has always made sure to keep on updating the app with the best possible features. After whatsapp was acquired by Facebook for use, the trend of Whatsapp was almost doubled and whatsapp developed at a faster rate.

2018 has been a year of innovation for whatsapp as it has introduced a lot of new features which ultimately increased the engagement of users in the app. But 2019 is going to be even better as Whatsapp has got some very new and exciting features on its plate to offer the users with.

Some of the features which are about to be launched in Whatsapp are as follows:

The Picture-in-Picture mode for Videos:

This feature will allow the users to share the videos directly from YouTube or Facebook on whatsapp through a small floating window. This feature will allow you to chat while watching the video too in the background.

Dark Mode:

This feature will allow reducing the strain on their eyes especially when they are using the app in a dark place. This will also enable increasing battery life.

Consecutive Voice Messages:

This feature will be useful while sending voice messages. When you will send 2 or more voice messages one after the other you will not have to play your voice message one after the other but it will automatically play one after the other.

Group video call:

This feature will enable you to do a video call with all the members at the same time who are a part of the group. You will be able to video call of 2 or more people together with the help of this feature.

Fingerprint Lock:

Considering the critical issue of Privacy, whatsapp will now launch the fingerprint authorization for the app. Entering the app every single time will demand the finger authentication to further use the app.

Preview of the media:

This feature will enable users to preview the photo, video or GIF from the notification tray without even opening the app and checking for the message.

Sticker Search:

This feature will enable users to search the sticker as per their mood with the help of a text presenting them with viable options. The one who are fond of using stickers are going to be benefited from this feature.

Digvij Borda

Digvij Borda is the Regional Marketing Manager for India at ExpressTricks. He is an experienced marketer who has worked both agency and in-house, developing data-driven strategies for SEO, PPC and social media. Digvij Borda is also an avid business and tech blogger, with insights featured on publications like Forbes, Fast Company and Search Engine Journal

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