Group Calling accompanied with the low light mode is now an added feature in the Google Duo

Smartphones have done one good thing for sure. Telephoning people has now become a cinch for us. Not only normal phone calls, but even video calls are now quite easily manageable and that too without any cost. Before you give entire credit to Whatsapp for offering such service, let me tell you it’s not only whatsapp that has made this possible but there are various other apps developed and evolved especially for video calling which has now made it all possible to video call any person sitting in any corner of the world.

Google Duo is one such app. Its an app designed specifically for fulfilling the demands of video calling. It gives you a truly amazing experience of video calling. The best part of this application is the Group call. Yes, this app has recently launched the feature of group calling and also a low light mode. Google Duo has been tremendous in regards to video quality and video calling facility. Such great service leads people to demand more out of Google Duo and finally, it’s the time when Google duo has launched the most requested and demands Duo features. The duo will now let you experience group video calling. You can video call up to 7 people at once.

To start with all you need to do is create a group with the contacts you want to video chat with. Once the group is formed you can start the video call at the same time with 7 or less number of people altogether at once. It’s not mandatory that you have to call all 7 at once, you can keep on adding your friends one after the other. But the only aspect to be looked upon is that you need to make a group, as during a video call you cannot add someone who is not in your contacts. Multiple groups can be made which will be visible in your contact list right at the top for easy access.

Another great feature to be looked upon in Google Duo is the low light mode. This feature is apt for helping you experience video chat when your surroundings are dark with a paucity of lights. While you are video chatting and if the lights are less you will get a pop up asking if you would like to enable low light mode. On choosing this option, certain adjustments are being made automatically in the dark environment by adding required lights in it. This will give better clarity to your video.

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