iPhone is no more a desirable gadget after the launch of iOS 12.1.2 update

Apple phone is the symbol of class and luxury. Not just the appearance but even the internal features of Apple drive us crazy for owning an iPhone. Simple yet elegant is what defines Apple to its best. An iPhone user hardly gets bored of using the phone, as Apple always ensures to bring in the new software update frequently which turns out to be an addition to the charm of an individual of using an iPhone. Software update notification is seen in iPhone at quite a short period of time, and the software update always offers you with something new to be excited for. Such a quick software update is possible only because of Apple’s efforts on upgrading the software quite often.

Striving hard since long, Apple has now been successful in releasing iOS 12.1.2 across iOs phones. This software is considered to be a special one as it has got the capability of fixing up all the issues pertaining to the connectively. This software is also the solution to the common complaints of the majority of the users in the aspect of eSim issues. There has been one more update which has been released with the motive of replacing the previous one. As per this update, the build number is changed without even updating the version number of iOS.

Looking at the number of complaints regarding connectivity issues, Apple came up with the latest update in the software through which they can resolve all the hardships pertaining connectivity especially in the eSims of iPhone XR, XS and the XS Max. Many users have been complaining about LTE being disabled after they update their devices. This issue has hit Apple hard as iPhone users across the world were not able to utilize their phone for their basic requirements like making calls or sending messages. This problem is still manageable in India as Jio and Airtel both are seen to be supporting the eSim in the latest phones, on the contrary iPhones which have been recently sold in the US are lacking in the eSim compatibility.

This issue being faced by Apple users have even hit the walls of social media especially by the profiles of the people in Europe, Asia and South America. iPhone users of these countries have written about their issues on their Social media newsfeed where they were seen complaining about the recent snag. Accepting the fact, developers at Apple are now on their toes to fix and patch the error to the earliest by coming up with a fresh update.


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