iPhone will not let you experience mirror processing on a Samsung TV with the newly launched AirBeamTV’s app

Innovation is synonymous to Apple. Steve Jobs has always ensured to innovate Apple technology in all the possible ways he can. He has always made sure to bring in the highest version possible for all of his tech toys. We have witnessed a tremendous revolution of Apple as a company. Apple has always brought in the best for us. Recently, there has been one such revolutionary addition in the iPhone set of features. The newly added feature in the iPhone is the streaming option. You will now be able to stream your phone directly on a Samsung TV.

This feature wasn’t previously available on Apple phones, but now you can quite easily mirror your iPhone on a bigger display. The only condition to activate this feature will be the need for Apple TV attachment on the display. Apple has been working on this feature since quite a long time. AirBeam TV tried their hands on activating this feature of Apple wherein they created an application for the Mac which enabled the users to use their AirPlay mirroring to a Samsung TV and they made it all possible even without the need of plugging in the Apple TV alongside it. Looking at the possibilities and probabilities Apple company is aiming for activating this feature but through the iPhone and not through Mac.

Excited to gain more insights on the newly added feature? So here we go! AirBeam’s TV mirror applicable for all the Samsung TV app will give an allowance to the iPhone and iPad users to mirror their iOS devices on any of the Samsung Smart TV. Previously, there was a need of some medium to enable mirror processing, but Mirror for Samsung TV has bridged the gap between the mirroring process and it will now be possible not particularly on Apple TV but also on Samsung TV.

A special application has been launched in this regard which is Mirror for Samsung TV and this app is particularly for iPhone and iPad to enable mirroring process on the screen and audio of your iPhone and iPad to your Samsung TV. This experiment of the Apple Company has been made possible because of the ReplayKit platform in iOS 11.

The most important factor to consider for accessing the mirror process is to ensure to own a new model of an iOS device. This feature will be quite easily available for 6s and models launched after that. In the case of iPad, it can be operated on any of the iPad Pro models but those models should ensure to have compatibility of iOS 11.

Every good thing has a bad thing hidden in it. This feature too has got certain limitations like it is not suitable for gaming due to the latency. While this mirroring process is activated through your iPhone or iPad you shall not be able to access any sort of audio from your Safari. Lastly, You will not be able to mirror applications enable by DRM like Netflix.

To experience the AirBeam TV’s Mirror for Samsung TV, all you need to do is buy it from the App Store.

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