Facebook confesses on sharing private messages with Netflix and Spotify

Data Privacy has been one of the most critical issues due to which many big companies have been facing hardships. Various social media sites are facing certain allegations against themselves wherein they are being targeted for misusing the confidential information of various users associated with them. Recently, Facebook has been targeted for one such data controversy when Facebook itself confessed very important news in the market.

Facebook admitted that it has allowed various big tech companies to read the private messages of the users. Some of those companies who read private messages are Netflix and Spotify. The company has accepted and confessed that they have given third-party companies access to all the private messages of all the users. To cover up Facebook tried to clarify that third companies were given access with the motive of enabling them to log in Spotify through their Facebook and also send messages through the app. Facebook has even shared the data with Microsoft and Amazon.

Concerned authorities at Spotify and Netflix stated that they were not really aware with the powers they got from Facebook. Facebook did it all with the motive of helping people access their Facebook accounts and also they can use some of the specific features on various devices. Moreover, Facebook also did this with the motive of increasing the user experience as they will as this will help users to see some recommendations from their Facebook friends over various other popular websites and apps.

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stated that they have got complete control over their billions of users and they are quite well aware of whatever they have been sharing on Facebook. Certain questions have been raised on Facebook after their documents were analyzed and 50 former employees of Facebook were interviewed. They were asked to brief on the amount of data shared on the social network, to which the answer that came out was Facebook shares around 20% of their data and some major software bug have given an allowance to the third party to incorrectly access the private photos of around 6.8 million users.

This feature has been used by people in many ways like through apps allowing people to log in their Facebook accounts through their Window phone device. Also through various social hubs which who have consolidated their feeds across Twitter and Facebook.  This is also because of message integration. Facebook stated they clearly confessed about their features and partnerships so that users can take advantage of these features quite well.

Digvij Borda

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