Instagram striving hard to improvise their user’s experience by bringing in new features for Stories

Are you hardcore and rigorous Instagram user? Well, if your answer is yes then there is something exciting for you to know and if your answer is no then I am sure by the time you will be done with reading this article the very first thing you will do is installing Instagram. Instagram has been innovating quite well since the past few months. In short duration of time, we get to see some newly added features available for use at Instagram. All the newly added features have contributed highly in making Instagram user-friendly and also users are gaining thrilling experience with those added features.

One of the recent features that have been added to the bucket of Instagram features is quite interesting to be looked upon. Okay, its time to reveal the secret! This new feature of Instagram that we have been talking about will allow you to add some music in your stories, yes you read it right you will now be able to answer questions in your stories with some music. Not only this but also now Instagram will let you be a little closer to your favorite accounts especially on their live videos.

This new feature will enable you to connect with your friends with some music fun. Whenever you feel like listening to some music you can ask for the recommendations through your stories. Additionally, you can even come to know what music your friends or your followers are listening to. And can you guess what the best part of this feature is? On asking for the recommendation or on expressing your wish of wanting to know what songs your friends are listening, they can let you know all this not just by replying your back with the name of the song, but they will be able to share the song directly with you only if it is available in their music library of Instagram.

Wondering how to use this feature? Its quite simple. You will get to see music icon on the questions sticker, all you need to do is opt for either viewing, listening followed by tapping on the play button. You can even share the answers of other users by capturing a photo or video while the music is playing in the background. And if you wish to enjoy the song with your friends you can do so by lip syncing or singing it along with them.

The other most exciting feature of Instagram will be the Ask Me Anything sticker which can be used to ask any questions to someone even when the live video is going on. When an individual is living on Instagram and if you wish to ask them the question meanwhile you can go back to their story and ask questions. The ones who will be doing a live video will also have a benefit of sharing any photos or videos now from their camera roll even during their live video session.

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