The news can now be personalised on your feed with the launch of Hummingbird app by Microsoft

Google Play store has now become a hub of various apps. Every single day the number of apps keeps on increasing. Not only big but there are many small companies too who have been launching new apps in the play store. The recent addition to the app list is worth noticing once. Hummingbird is what I am talking about. No, not the bird its the app that has been launched by Microsoft recently and has been listed on Google Plat and even on Apple’s app store. This app is an AI-based news app. Wait, there is no point looking for it in the play store if you are from any other country except the US, as the app is available for use only in the US for now. This app is the company’s second news aggregation app.

Wondering what’so special about this app? This app lets you pick your favorite topics and subtopics from the list and enables you to make a compiled feed of news which is named as ‘Your Mix’. There are more features in this app, it allows you to modify your mute the news source not only this but also you can dislike a story so as to avoid its appearance on your feed. This app will aid you to the best so as to find out the finest sources and topic which will be apt as per your taste.

Have you noticed For You feed on the Google News app? Or maybe the My Newsfeed on Microsoft’s own News app? Hummingbird app is almost similar to both of these. This feature in all 3 apps works on the concept of human curation. All the stories of Hummingbird app are being opened up through an in-app browser due to which stories might not be displayed in an organized format.

Hummingbird has got various other features too. It will allow you to add pre-defined feeds including videos, entertainment, science, sports etc. This app will provide you with a Me section wherein you will be able to showcase all your favorite topics, saved stories, feeds and even your reading history.

This app can be experienced for only the people living in the US for now, as it has not launched in the other parts of the world. Due to this the news curation will mostly be Us centric. Any which ways, Microsoft is expected to roll out this feature very soon.

Witnessing Microsoft launching such an appealing app with attractive features, its competitors got on their toes to build themselves strongly. Even Google has launched News app for Android and also for iOS with the motive of focusing on the AI-powered curation. However, on comparing both the apps identifying the one which can top the list is not feasible at this point.

Digvij Borda

Digvij Borda is the Regional Marketing Manager for India at ExpressTricks. He is an experienced marketer who has worked both agency and in-house, developing data-driven strategies for SEO, PPC and social media. Digvij Borda is also an avid business and tech blogger, with insights featured on publications like Forbes, Fast Company and Search Engine Journal

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