Google is soon to become a retail marketplace with its newly launched feature Shopping Tab

Google, tagged as the search giant offers you with the best of the information from any corner of the world. Google is considered to be the most innovative platforms as it is always keen on adding much of the creativity and innovation to its panel. In the bunch of its innovations, one that has been recently launched is Shopping tab. Google has recently added a very new Shopping tab to its search function in India. Google is going to offer the biggest portal for shopping online with its very new feature Shopping tab. A lot of products from each category sold by various retailers will be displayed under the Shopping tab. The display of the products will be in both Hindi & English. Moreover, the Shopping tab will be accessible from both your phone and even on your desktop screens.

India is now moving towards the online trend. Majority of the people are heading to buy online, the ones who don’t are facing certain issues in understanding the process of online ordering. Finding out the loophole, Google targeted the Indian market and launched the Shopping Tab in Hindi as well as in English. Google will be getting various offline retailers on board so as to give them exposure to the online market. This article explains 3 Ways To Become A Tech Savvy Entrepreneur and is worth a read

As per the reports, it has been stated that approximately 40 million Indians are trying their hands on online markets every year. The statistics say that India has around 450 million internet users at present. But the surprising figure is that out of those 450 million users only one third are used to shopping online which includes all types of shopping starting from the ticket bookings and retail as well. With so many internet users, only a few opt for retail shopping online. Google researched on this and after a detailed study, they decided to bring a revolution in India online market. As per one of the Google spokesperson they stated that they hope to open up an ecosystem which will enable them to bring on board more users online.

Google is planning to offer a highly personalized shopping experience. You will be showcased only those categories which are the most relevant for you. The shopping tab will also enable users to do a price comparison. With the Google lens feature integrated with the tab, a user can take the picture of the product and then the system will automatically search for all the similar products online. Google will not be charging anything from the merchants to wish to get on board with them. They can showcase their inventory with paying. The best part here will be, the merchants will get an option to operate using the Hindi language too which will give many of the Indian merchant’s convenience to sell their products on Google Shopping Tab.

Digvij Borda

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