Countdown – An addition to the bunch of the stickers on Instagram

Instagram has now become the new trend now especially amongst the youth and middle-aged people. Instagram is truly one such application that has brought in various innovations from time to time. Instagram has never been boring because it always keeps on adding some of the other features which maintain the charm of it amongst all of us. Instagram is said to be the fastest innovating application. At present Instagram altogether has got a lot of amazing features to be excited. The newly invented features have made networking even stronger and quite easy too for Instagram users. With increasing features every hour, Instagram has come up with a very new and exciting feature recently. This feature is an addition to the bunch of stickers added to Instagram. A newly added sticker is named as Countdown. This sticker can be very well used when you wish to display a timer for any of your events.

This new feature will be seen in the story sticker tray. All you need to do is choosing it and entering the appropriate date and time of the countdown. You can even change the color of the countdown to your favorite one. This sticker will display a working timer set for any of the event going to take place in your life. Excited to use it? Well, there is much more to it. The most exciting feature of this sticker is it can be shared to your story and can be seen by your followers or close friends too. This feature also has got a tap option on it. Whenever the viewer taps on the countdown sticker, they will be given two options, one would be to set a reminder which will remind you once the countdown ends and the other one is that you can share the countdown with your followers.

More than on a personal level, this feature is going to be extremely helpful on the business level. The countdown is going to be a boon for all the brands as it will help them set the timer for any of their upcoming events and will also help the viewers to set reminders so as to take advantage of the event. The elite community of society can very well maintain their relations with the fans.

Confused with how to use it? Its quite easy just keep reading ahead. Post your selection of the Countdown sticker you need to follow some more steps. Proceeding further you need to replace the name Countdown with the name of your choice followed by adding the digits in the timer. Scroll through the wheels to set the end date for your countdown. To change the color you need to tap on the colorful circle at the top of the screen to change the sticker color. End the process by tapping the done button placed on the top right corner of the screen.

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