Nokia is back with a bang. Nokia is here with an addition to its series of phone with Nokia 8.1

It has been very well said that “Old is Gold”. This is applicable in each and every aspect. It does imply in the telephone industry too. Let me take you back in the old times when asked which was the most demanding mobile phone in years back which is the first name that comes into your mind? Yes, you are getting it almost right! It’s none other than Nokia. Nokia was the most common and the most demanding phones in the olden times. Nokia had a lot to offer to the market. Various models of phones were available in the market and that too at quite a reasonable price. But nowadays we do not get to see much of Nokia phones around. Like me are you also craving for those enthralling Nokia phones? Its time to end your crave as we have one exciting model of Nokia launched this week – Nokia 8.1.

Nokia 8.1 is quite similar to Nokia 7.1 it’s just the size of this phone that differs it from 7.1. Featured with glass sandwich and a metal frame this phone is considered to be a premium one. Available in various colors like Blue, Silver, Steel, Copper, Maroon etc this phone has got an impressive design too featuring 3.5 mm jack on top, dual camera, fingerprint sensor and what not! The size of the screen is 6.18 inch LCD screen with PureDisplay technology. The resolution of the phone is 1080 X 2280. Talking about the camera of this phone, it is12 MP with f/1.8 aperture accompanied with increased pixels enabling the users to get more light for better shots. The second camera on the back is 13 MP depth sensor is considered to be the best for a getting a great shot in portrait mode with blurry backgrounds.

Operating on Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 platform this phone has also got 10mm chipset. This chipset features 4GB RAM and 64 GB eMMC storage. This phone will also let you experience the 4G Volte, Bluetooth 5 and Wifi 802.11 b/g/n/ac. This phone will offer tremendous battery life. Though the phone has got 3500 mAh battery, various other battery optimizations can lead the battery of the phone go long. This phone is an exact replacement of a mid-range Nokia 7 plus. Pricing of this phone has been decided to be 26, 999/-. This phone is an apt one for gaming and even for our day to day use, With great features, it makes this phone worth a buy.

Digvij Borda

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