Apple is back again with its new innovation named as Beddit Sleep Tracker

Apple Company has always been known for bringing much innovation in the technology market. Apple has never failed to surprise us with its astounding products. Apple is back again with its very unique and completely new product this time. Apple has recently launched its very first Beddit Sleep Monitor. The application is now available for download on the Apple Store. This device is truly exceptional.

This device has got the capability of tracking your sleep. It will also provide you with the significant statistics which will ultimately help you improvise the quality of your sleep.The version of this Beddit Sleep Monitor is 3.5. The device is extremely thin with a flat strip which can be quite easily attached to your bed. Your sleep will be very well reported using the Beddit app on iPhone and even on Apple Watch.

Beddit is not like other devices that need to be worn to collect sleep data. It instead can be placed under the sheets very well for generating sleep reports. This app has proven to be effective enough to very well record huge amount and quality data. This data will majorly include the sleeping time, heart rate, snoring patterns, breathing patterns and so on. This app can record the data for 2 people on the higher end. This device also captures the data pertaining to weather, temperature and humidity so as to identify and locate the ideal bedroom environment for a quality sleep.

Once the data is recorded by the device, the entire data can be viewed by the users through the Beddit Sleep app. The ones possessing and Apple Watch will receive notifications for sleep reports and they will even get reminders when the bedtime is almost approaching.

With the motive of focusing on the health of an individual, Apple has introduced Beddit Sleep. It is sure to encourage and motivate you with its results and weekly reports which will give you a glimpse on how to improve your sleep patterns. This app as of now can be operated only in English language. No matter what is the size of the bed, Beddit will adjust itself on any size. The only requirement of this app is it will demand iOS 12 in the phone for ensuring smooth functioning.

The best feature of this app is that it can take an ECG measurement through the Apple Watch but only of the latest versions. The smartwatch will measure the electrical activity of the user’s heartbeat and through this the app will identify if there are any prevailing heart disease or any other sort of illness. This app will keep the users updated with their irregular heartbeats so that they can take the required actions accordingly.


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