Whatsapp will no more consume much of your phone battery with its Dark Mode on!

What if you are told that whatsapp from your phone will no longer be active and accessible? Scared, Tensed & Anxious already? Relax this isn’t going to happen ever we guess. So now you including all of us knows how important Whatsapp is, right? Even on imagining of whatsapp getting vanished from your phone it gave you a tough time. However, its not only you but its me and millions of people out there who cannot imagine their life without whatsapp. Whatsapp has now become and inseparable part of our lives. Whatsapp is now no more the same application that was used by some bunch of youngsters to chat with their mates. It is much more in today’s time. Whatsapp has brought in lot of innovations. With increasing features of Whatsapp people are getting used to it more and more everyday. Today whatsapp has got multiple uses and its usage is not just limited to chatting but it also has got calling, video calling and much more. Moreover, whatsapp is the source of income for many people. Yes you read it right. I am sure you must have heard about Whatsapp business. This feature has received tremendous response all over. People are also using whatsapp for their business purposes.

Whatsapp has set a trend of releasing new feature every week. Recently, it has launched the group call feature in the application. They have also made an announcement of a very unique feature coming very soon in whatsapp. Whatsapp is soon going to have Dark Mode for iOS and Android users too. Whatsapp has worked hard on developing this feature in whatsapp and now it is expected to launch very soon.

This feature will help the users to save their eyes from the glare during the night while they are using their phone. Not only this but also, this feature will help us in saving the battery on our phones. This feature will prove to be extremely salutary for ones who are inveterate of using phones in the night. As per the information floated by WABetaInfo, Whatsapp is still working on developing the feature of dark mode. Official launch date has not been announced yet.

Recently Twitter has got the dark mode too.  This has sort of woken up various technology companies to introduce dark mode in their respective applications too so as to avoid the harmful effects of the screen glare on the eyes. Even Apple has given macOS a dark mode during the release of Mojave. Dark mode has got various other benefits too like batter y saving on various phones which will enable a user to freely use whatsapp for long hour without any botheration of battery.


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