In 2019, Instagram will be no less than an e-commerce portal

Online shopping has now become a trend even in Indian markets. Since it has proven to be salutary in many aspects, there are very less people who now prefer offline shopping. With increasing trend of online shopping apart from shopping portals even the social media sites are transforming themselves into a portal so as to enable users to buy directly from the apps. Facebook has already started doing it by providing users an option of buying directly from the application. Now even Instagram is prepping up for the same. Instagram by  2019 is going to add on the feature of purchasing directly from its application. Next year onwards, users of Instagram would get to shop products products within the app.

With a little transformation in the application, users will get to see buy button next to the product image being displayed on the page. On clicking the buy button will route you to the website of the merchant so that you can successfully complete your purchase process. This option is expected to be active on by the mid of next year. The entire process will be based on a cost per sale model. Instagram is still working on payment and some of the other aspects. Once they get it all sorted, they will be out with the new feature.

For initial time after the launch of the feature, for buying the product user will be directed to the seller’s webpage. But in future Instagram will transform itself to a whole ecommerce portal sort wherein the user can buy within the application itself without being directed to the sellers webpage. Facebook and Google have almost started with  this feature already and now Facebook owned instagram is going to try its hands on the ecommerce selling.

As per some of the  experts of e-commerce, it is expected that with the introduction of this feature in Instagram is sure to boost the sales for various brands and e-commerce platform too as a whole. On the contrary this can prove to be disadvantageous to many online retailers especially fashion platforms in near future. Currently, Flipkart, Myntra and Amazon India has got a great hold over e-commerce market of India.

This shopping feature of Instagram has been tried and tested in 2016 by being launched in just United States. Currently this feature is active in 46 countries worldwide and soon is expected to open its door in India. Instagram still need to figure out other aspects of online shopping including the logistics, payments and retrns too. By 2019, Instagram might as well integrate the Payment option within the app itself. This feature will give an allowance to the users to pay without leaving the app. Shopping on Instagram will be like various other ecommerce portals and this feature is sure to boost the overall ecommerce performance in the market. With just a click the buyers will be able to purchase the product which makes the buying process quite simple and easy for the buyers. This will ultimately result in reduced search time and the no.of clicks too which can then improve the conversion and revenue rate.


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