Instagram will let you share your stories only with your Close Friends

In this social media era entire human race is taken over by magic spell of social media. Not only the youth, but also the elderly are found to be quiet active on social media sites. Social media is now no more just a platform for expanding your networking with the people around. It is much beyond than that. Social media is used by many of us with the purpose of socialising updating our close friends and acquaintances with the happenings of our life. Mass audience uses social media for promoting, growing and establishing their business too. Anyone and almost everyone is now seen to be initiating with their own online business over social media. Social media has now become a business platform, but this wasn’t the actual motive of various social media players while introducing their applications in the market. The actual motive of networking in the society is somehow seen to be left out with all of this, however Instagram is now seen to take little efforts to maintain the originality of its existence.

At times while sharing the stories on Instagram, you want only limited set of people to view your story. This though has been executed by Instagram now by launching an exciting feature called as Close Friends. This feature will allow you to create a group of people whom you want to share your stories with. This feature will also help you to showcase the happenings of your life to only limited to your selected set of people and other followers of your profile will not be able to see your story.

Wondering how can you access this feature? Well its no rocket science and is quite easy to be understood. To use this feature, you need to open the story camera and shall have to take a photo or video. Followed by this, while you add the picture/video to your story, you will get to see a new green circle with a white star in it, right best your story option. You need to tap on the green circle post which you will land on the list of your friends. You can then add friends i your inner circle. Adding close friends from the long list of friends can be tedious at times and it might happen that you might as well miss on adding some of your close friends in your inner circle. You need not worry in that case Instagram would make your task a cinch for you. While you are adding your friends in the close friends list, Instagram would be suggesting you friends you can add which will be based on the people you interact with the most. You will also be getting access to search box to find and look for some of your friends in particular. Once you are done with adding your friends in the list, you will be able to share the story with all your close friends by tapping on the green circle whenever you capture a photo or video. Once you use this feature, your close friends on the other side will get to see a green ring around your story in the tray at the top of the feed. This will be a visual signal for your friend on the other side signifying that you have shared something in private with them.


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