PS4 will be on the roll by getting PUBG onboard this December

Games have now become more exciting, and you know who has played the major role in making the sector more thrilling? Do you wish to take a guess? Okay then give it a try, common on you are almost there! And yes its the PUBG. PUBG fever is all around us today. People are going crazy for this game called PUBG. Oh Well, its no more a game now, it has become a necessity now! PUBG has completely taken over the world. Yes truly. I know its difficult for a non-PUBG lover to believe this, and if you are one of those I would recommend you to visit a PUBG lover and I am sure your doubt is sure to vanish within no time.

With such a tremendous increase in the demand of PUBG, many doors of exceptional opportunities have opened for PUBG to try its hands on! One of those is the recent latest news leading to growth of PUBG. PUBG will now be coming on PS4 by coming 7th December. Excited much? Well, you should  be after all its PUBG. Pondering on what can be the price? Dont worry, even the price of the game for its multiple versions has also been released. Confused with what these multiple versions are al about? Calm down and read ahead. PUBG PS4 has got three editions as PUBG Looter’s Edition, PUBG Survivor’s Edition and PUBG Champion’s Edition. I am sure this news must have let you experience adrenaline rush in you. We have another big news too! You can now pre order this at India Prices. On pre-ordering you can expect Digital Edition of Looter, Survivors and Champion. Price for Looter’s and Survivor’s Digital Edition is around 2750 whereas Champion’s Digital Edition costs around 3999 respectively.

Entrance of PUBG in PS4 has surely given a hard time to old games like Xbox.  Soon PUBG will be seen on PS4 which will also make both the companies available on the disc across the globe. This game currently has got its visibility on PC, Xbox One, iOS and Android platforms.

Talking about the features, this game is expected to release with all the three maps of the game including Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. There have been certain additions too in regards to the features of the game which includes custom matches, mode of the event, ranking system, trophies etc. Most exciting part is the Vikendi map which is said to be leaked. However, as per the stated reports, this map will have its exclusivity to only PS4 players for initial time. Furthermore, sony has also made it possible to not lose their progress and start the game from the beginning. This will now be possible because of the cross-platform playing on the PlayStation 4 system.


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