The real variations between Realme U1 And Realme 2 Pro

Phones have now become a daily necessity of our lives. An inseparable element of our life would rather define phone well. Now phones are not just limited to a machine aiding us with calling and texting facility but it is much more than that. With such an increase in the utilization of phones there are lot of companies who have been trying their hands on showcasing their innovation by launching effective and high tech phones. In the telephone industry with utmost competitive edge, there are lot of companies who have done wonders by launching phones facilitated with high quality features. One such company who has been on a roll since past six months is Realme.

Realme company has returned hit the Indian phone industry hard by launching some of their outstanding set of mobile phones in the market. The most shocking part of this company is they somehow manage offering high tech phones in the market at really aggressive pricing. Realme is now the talk of the town especially after the launch of its latest model Realme U1. It belongs to the new U-Series offering a  Helio P70 chipset and 25MP selfie camera at a starting pricing of Rs 11,999 going up to Rs 14,499.

Price range of Realme is quite reasonable. Most of the phones of Realme fall under 15000. Company has also announced the launch of Realme 2 pro very soon. After experiencing high class features of Realme, market is excited to welcome Realme2 Pro. Some of the features of Realme U1 and Realme 2 Pro are almost similar to each other while some are unique in their own way.

Lets talk about the variations of both the models. To start with pricing is the key factor. Realme U1 has been priced for 11, 999 featuring 3GB + 32 GB variant followed by 14,499 featuring 4GB + 64 GB. On the contrary, Realme 2 Pro starts with 13,990 offering 4GB + 64GB option, and Rs 15,990 for the 6GB + 64GB variant ending up with 17,990 for 8GB + 128GB.

Similarities between both the phones are also few in number, of which one is the 6.3 inch dewdrop display featuring 1080p FHD+ resolution and 19:5:9 aspect ratio. Both the phones are also featured with rear panels crafted by adding 15 layers of lamination and much of the molding too. U1 is featured with a light pillar design that refracts light. On the other hand, Realme 2 Pro has got smooth curves around its sides.

The features that makes the phones stand unique in the market are as mentioned ahead. Realme 2 Pro is the only phone in the market offering Snaodragon 660 chipset at reasonable price. This chip makes the phone faster and it has got intensity of handling even the complex tasks. Whereas Realme 1 is featured with the Helio P70 processor. Talking about the RAM, Realme Pro 2 has got 6GB and 8Gb RAM, whereas U1 has 4GB RAM.

Realme 2 Pro has definitely impressed us with its camera. Ever imagined using 16MP selfie camera and a 16MP + 2 MP rear camera system? This will not be possible by using Realme 2 Pro. It is truly considered to the an all-rounder when compared to U1.


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