UK visa status – Track your UK visa application status online in real time

Humans are called to be the most impatient creature on this planet. Waiting for humans is almost equivalent to death. We humans have almost negligible tendency of waiting for anything or anyone. We prefer things on hand without any waiting period. While we talk about waiting, can you think of the time when your wait for something has been the worst? Are you thinking of the same situation that is in my mind? Well, let me take a guess is it waiting for Visa approval. Have you ever experienced waiting for the Visa approval after applying for it? If yes, then I am sure you must have developed hell lot of patience in many other aspects of your life. If no, then the scariest wait is yet to come.

With the increasing technological era, lot of innovations have been done in various fields. One such field is also Visa applications. Now your wait will lessen as there are better facilities to track your Visa Status. One such facility is checking it online. If you have your passport number or visa reference number you can quite easily check track your UK Visa Status online.  The reports of Visa applicants vary from an individual to the other and so is the waiting time for all the individuals. As a solution to this, government has introduced an advanced system that enables the Uk visa applicants to check the status of their application online. This is currently available for us on the official UK government website.

Wondering which process to follow to get the status of your application? Dont worry, brief of all the steps is right.

You need to initiate with visiting Followed by this you need to insert the required information which will lead you to track the status of your application. The information that you would require while tracking includes Case Identification Number which is an 8-digit number. You would also need Unique Application Number, a 16 digit number followed by Payment Reference number and Biometric Resident Permit Number. Lastly Immigration Health Surcharge Number will also be of need. If you will keep all these information handy, it will get easier for you to track your status without wasting much of your time.

You can also track your status by calling Uk Visas and Immigration. GWF number proves to be a little more helpful when it comes to tracking your status.   After receiving an email or SMS of the acceptance of your Visa Application you can then use GWF reference number to track the application.


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