Google’s Neighbourly App Is Now Spreading Its Wings All Across India

Technology has always proven to be a useful servant to the society. With increasing innovations in the field of technology, we are not just using the technology but we are also living it now. One such technology that has tremendously increased the networking in our neighborhood gifting us with innumerable benefits is Neighbourly, launched by Google. Not many of us are aware with the existence of this application due to its limitation to certain cities.

Neighbourly app has been launched by Google with the motive of encouraging strengthening the networking. This app lets you question your neighbourhood in various aspects. Google launched this app in the month of May. This app was available for use only in some the of the cities including New Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. Mumbai was to top the list in regards to the availability of the app followed by Delhi and Bangalore in the month of November. Well if you do not belong to any of these 3 cities and wondering if you can get an access to this app, then yes it is now available for you too. With an amazing response and an approximate download figure of 1.5 million since the month of May have somehow convinced Google to launch this app in all other cities of Inda.

Talking about the app, this app is based on a crowd-sourcing model, a platform developed for the people to source local information from their neighbours. Neighbours have always been considered to be the major source of help. Google with the help of technology have made it now possible to communicate with your neighbours not by personally meeting them, but just over an app. This app is still operating on the beta mode and let me tell you something interesting this app is sure to give you an experience which is going to be similar as if you are talking to your neighbour. Developed with the purpose of creating a welcoming and friendly environment in the neighbourhood, this app supports not only English but other Indian Languages too.

All you need to do to use this app is to log in and allow Neighbourly to identify your location and neighbourhood. Once you are sorted with this you can initiate with the asking questions from the people in your area and you can even answer some of their questions. You can ask questions pertaining to various services you wish to avail in your area and the best thing about this app is that you will get various reliable alternatives and options which can ultimately help you choose the best one.

Neighbourly app is available for download from Google Play and can be downloaded for free. At present only android users can take the advantage of using this application. It can successfully run on all the devices featured with atleast Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Google has ensured to secure the privacy by safeguarding the private information like Phone number, full name and other contact information obtained while signing up for this app.


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